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Dissolved Air Flotation Machine Brief Description
- Aug 24, 2017 -

Dissolved air flotation machine is actually a kind of air flotation, can use water at different pressures to understand the characteristics of different substances, for all or part of the pending treatment (or after treatment) of the water and pressurized and increased water The amount of air dissolved in the passage of the coagulant added to the water which will be directly under the conditions of atmospheric pressure to be released from the air directly after the formation of a small bubble, adhere to the impurity Above, resulting in the overall density of the flakes will be less than water and rise to achieve solid-liquid separation.


The dissolved air flotation machine is suitable for handling low turbidity, high chroma, and its high organic content or low oil content and low surface active substance content or water with rich algae. And other air flotation method into the comparison, it has a high water load and compact pool and so on.

For the dissolved air flotation machine, when it is under pressure conditions, the air solubility is relatively large, the number of air bubbles used in its air supply is more, can guarantee the air float effect; for the dissolved gas through A sudden release of pressure, it is not only fine bubbles, on its size is actually relatively uniform, the density is also relatively large, Moreover, we actually have to pay attention to it on the floating will also be compared Stable, relatively small for liquid turbulence.

In view of the above reasons, for the dissolved air flotation machine is more suitable for loose flocs and fine particles of solid liquid separation; the equipment of the process and its equipment itself is actually relatively simple, the cost is relatively low, also Can be a great extent to save energy.

Dissolved air flotation machine part of the reflow treatment effect is more significant and stable, to a certain extent, there will be a relatively large energy saving effect. Dissolved air flotation machine in the area is relatively small, the amount of water per unit area will be relatively high, the dross on the low moisture content, under normal circumstances, we do not need to continue scraping.

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