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Dissolved air flotation machine application and working principle
- May 10, 2018 -

Dissolved air flotation machines are mainly used in wastewater and sewage treatment and are used for the treatment of wastewater or sewage generated in such industries as electroplating, printing and dyeing, food, grease, chemical industry, and papermaking.


The working principle of dissolved air flotation machine, use high-efficiency dissolved air equipment to replace the traditional air-entraining equipment, which can dissolve air into water. In addition, a device such as a tank, a slag scraper, and a screw discharger is installed in the air flotation area to form an air flotation and water purification device. In addition, installing inclined pipes in the air floatation zone can increase the air bearing area and avoid air flotation under turbulent flow conditions. In turn, good laminar flow conditions and air flotation effects can be achieved.


Dissolved air flotation machine

(1) Before using the dissolved air floater, conduct comprehensive and careful inspections, mainly to see if the air floater can be used normally, whether there is a problem with the failure, and whether its lubrication is in place and comprehensive, and whether or not there are omissions.

(2) Check the driving part of the squeegee and the important parts such as the scraper, whether it can operate normally and whether it has a good use effect. In addition, check valves and piping for abnormalities and clogging. When the dissolved air floater is shut down, the water should be kept clean so that it will not be frozen due to the temperature being too low.