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Dissolved air flotation filter process characteristics
- Jan 06, 2018 -

Dissolved air flotation filter for the removal of suspended solids is very ideal, but also for the removal of dissolved organic matter is also very effective. In order to further improve its performance, so in the design of the time, also need to strictly control the concentration of raw water concentration indicators. Below we mainly for everyone to share on the dissolved air flotation filter process.


Combined with the actual application analysis, the process of dissolving air flotation filter can be summarized as follows: raw water, grille, regulating pool, coagulation floating, filtration, disinfection, and finally the water. In the design of the time, we must also consider some of the more crucial issues. First, make sure that the water quality meets the production process requirements. Second, the coagulation float can be designed as a package structure, which can reduce the footprint.


It should be noted that, if you want to ensure the dissolved air flotation filter to deal with the effect of water quality, usually when used in high-level apartments, hotels and other buildings, it is recommended after the flotation and filtration treatment, an increase of activated carbon adsorption device . And in the design process should be noted that the water quality should be broken down the actual situation, about six months or a year to replace activated carbon.


The advantages of dissolved air flotation filters are still obvious when compared to other processes. First of all, from the technical characteristics to analyze, because of its physical and chemical treatment methods used, so during use, there is no biological training and maintenance issues. Second, because of its smaller size, it covers an area of ?? less than the gap can be run, easy management.


In addition, dissolved air flotation filter process adaptability, can be used to deal with different water treatment. Whether it is miscellaneous drainage, domestic sewage, or secondary effluent dissolved air flotation filters are very applicable, and therefore more and more users are welcome.