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Dissolved air flotation filter is widely used in wastewater treatment
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Dissolved air flotation filter is mainly used for various types of wastewater treatment. The floc proportion of the reaction is close to water. It is widely used in machinery, chemical, textile, transportation, food and other industries. It is especially suitable for oilfield drilling wastewater and oilfield reinjection water. , refinery wastewater treatment.


The main processing technology of dissolved air flotation filter is physical method and chemical method. It has the characteristics of simple and reasonable process flow, wide adaptability, compact structure, convenient transportation and installation, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance, etc. For the separation of oil and water. The removal of suspended solids, COD and BOD has a good effect, and the wastewater can be discharged after being treated by a dissolved air flotation filter.


The dissolved air flotation filter consists of a sewage pump, a dosing tank, a reaction tank, an air flotation tank, an air flotation system, a sand filter, an activated carbon adsorption column, and an electronic control system. When the entire device is adjusted for normal operation, it can basically It is in automatic operation and easy to operate.


The dissolved air flotation filter can form the amount of air and water of the dissolved carrier at the back of the saturator under a certain pressure, and suddenly release a large amount of fine bubbles, granule water, emulsified oil which rapidly adheres to the water flow, and stir and coagulate. The reaction cell and the floc produce a floc with a specific gravity smaller than that of water, forcibly floating on the surface of the water, resulting in solid-liquid separation.