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Design highlights and performance of the peripheral drive scraper
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The peripheral drive scraper is a new type of scraper mainly used for the mudflow type primary sedimentation and secondary sedimentation tanks, and also for the mud discharge of the concentration tank. Its main beam can be made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel in addition to traditional carbon steel. It has a wide application range and good decorative effect.


At the same time, the peripheral drive scraper also adopts a new type of hinge structure, which makes the loader of the scraper better, reduces operating power and reduces operating costs. Moreover, the overall safety of the equipment is good. When there are large obstacles, the scraper will automatically make the shovel. If the torque protection device is equipped, the safety performance is higher.


The manufacturer has optimized the transmission of the peripheral drive scraper to make it more efficient and more beautiful in appearance. It can also be equipped with imported reducer or shaft-mounted reducer according to user requirements. As a scraper, one of the important parts in the peripheral drive scraper, a logarithmic spiral type can be used, which can achieve a better scraping effect.