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DAF filter efficient operation principle
- Dec 19, 2017 -

In fact, the single from the structural point of view, efficient dissolved air flotation flotation machine and conventional flotation device and there is no significant difference, which also has a steady flow chamber, dissolved gas release chamber. However, dissolved air flotation machine has the advantage of the advantages of its collection of water, flocculation, separation, water collection, water in one, so that the handling performance is more stable, the effect is superior.


Next, we will briefly introduce the main operating characteristics of high-performance DAF filter. During its normal operation, where the raw water through the flap reaction has a high speed, if it comes into direct contact with the dissolved water, a certain amount of tiny air bubbles will be dissipated, which will inevitably affect the effect of the air bubbles attached to the flakes Adverse effects, leading to reduced efficiency of the flotation process.


Therefore, if a steady flow chamber is added so that turbulent raw water kinetic energy is consumed and enters the dissolved water release chamber at a uniform velocity, the filtering effect can be well ensured. The reason why we can achieve a more satisfactory filtering effect, in fact, benefit from the dissolution of air flotation machine inside the filter, the dissolved gas release chamber and the separation chamber in a tank separated by a middle.


In this way, the dissolved water is combined with the raw water after the end of the flocculation and rises at a slower rate and then reaches the flotation chamber. In other words, this ensures the contact space and time of the flocculation block and micro-bubbles, so that the dissolved water release rate of more than 80 percent, or even 100 percent. So, for a dissolved air flotation filter, the air-dissolving system is like the "heart" of an air flotation device.


However, before you turn on the air flotation filter, you also need to complete some preparatory work. For example, we should now wash sink all the impurities, welding slag removal, and then pumps and compressors and other parts need lubrication lubrication. After that, turn on the power, start the dissolved air pump, check the steering is correct. In addition, but also according to the actual needs of dissolved air flotation machine dosing device adjusted to the best condition.