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Composition of lime storage silo
- Mar 17, 2018 -

In the process of working, the lime storage silo will automatically add a certain amount of lime powder in a special container (lime silo) during the working process. Under normal circumstances, the powder is produced when the powder is stored in the warehouse. The dust is collected directly by the baghouse dust collector.

The dust absorbed in the surface of the bag in the lime storage bin will be directly dropped by the rapper to the powder silo. The stored lime powder will be loosely and evenly fed to the variable frequency speed regulator feeder. The screw conveyor is transported to the lime milk dissolving tank and mechanically agitated to produce an emulsion. The liquid dosing pump delivers the emulsion with a concentration of 5%-10% to the liquid dosing point throughout the process.

Composition of lime storage silo

1. Lime silo system body: cylinder + cone.

2. There is a discharge port on the top of the bin (the number of discharge ports is determined by the user).

3. There is a pulse bag type dust collector on the top of the bin to prevent pollution to the environment. The top of the bin is equipped with a pressure vacuum release valve, and the pressure in the bin can be properly adjusted.

4. The lime storage silo has a material level indicator, which is convenient for the user to accurately understand the material level in the silo.

5. In order to prevent silting at the bottom of the bin, a full set of fluidization devices is provided at the bottom of the bin, including associated fans and other ancillary equipment.

6. The feeder is used to transport limestone powder to the limestone slurry pool. Manual discharge gates and pneumatic flap gates are installed at the discharge outlet.