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Combined Air Flotation Machine Adjustment And Working Principle
- Aug 01, 2017 -

The combined air flotation machine in the course of the operation is mainly caused by air flotation process, in use, the aerator will be directly into the micro-air bubbles into the sewage without the need for pre-dissolved gas, the combination of air through the fine Cast stainless steel diffuser impeller to "micro-bubble" evenly distributed in the sewage, so it will not happen the phenomenon of blocking.

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The treated effluent in the combined air flotation machine is first entered into its aeration and aerated section, which is mixed with the "microbubbles" in use so that it can be lifted in the process of effectively lifting its solid suspended solids Water, scraper along the liquid movement, the suspended material scraped to the tilt of the metal plate, and then pushed into the sludge discharge pipe.
The effluent from the combined air flotation machine will be used to control the water level of the flotation tank before the discharge of the overflow tank through the overflow groove below the swash plate. In the use, it is necessary to ensure that the liquid in the tank is Will flow into the sludge in the discharge pipeline.

The combined air flotation machine is mainly composed of reaction tank, flotation tank, sewage pump, metering device, zoning box, air float system, sand filter and other components in the process of making the production, 10t / h or more for the convenience of transport by the parts To the scene assembled into the whole, according to user requirements design.

When the whole unit is effectively adjusted to normal operation, it can be in the state of automatic operation. The whole equipment is easy to operate. The pollutants in the sewage can be effectively divided into dissolved organic matter and non-dissolving substance.

The dissolved organic matter in the combined air flotation machine can be effectively converted into a non-dissolving substance under certain conditions. One of the methods of sewage treatment is the addition of coagulants and flocculants to convert most of the dissolved organic matter into insoluble Substances, and then remove all or most of the non-dissolved substances to achieve the purpose of purification of sewage.

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