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Classification of Air Flotation Equipment
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Air flotation equipment is divided into several categories, hope that through the introduction of this article, we have a certain understanding and understanding.
1, Dissolved air flotation equipment
The supersaturated air in the water can be released in the form of fine bubbles during decompression, so that the impurity particles in the water are adhered and floated.
2,Scattered air flotation equipment
Smoke air flotation equipment is a high-speed rotation of the impeller by the centrifugal force caused by the vacuum negative pressure state of the air inhalation, a fine air bubbles and spread in the water.
3, Pressurized dissolved air floatation device
Pressurized dissolved air flotation equipment will be pressurized water, the air dissolved in water, in the form of tiny bubbles, from the water to analyze the equipment, the suspended particles in the water floating on the surface.
4, Electrolytic flotation equipment
Electrolytic flotation equipment is electrolytic wastewater directly with incompetent anode and cathode. The flocculated suspended matter is floated to the surface of the water by the small bubbles of hydrogen and oxygen produced by electrolysis.

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