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Characteristics of shallow air floatation device and requirement of water inlet
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Shallow air floatation device is a very advanced air flotation device, effectively change the traditional air floating static water, dynamic water for the dynamic water, static water, that is, with micro-bubble particles mixed with sewage into the gas In the float pool, the flow rate of the mixed waste water is zero relative to the outflow device, thereby suppressing the turbulence in the tank and thus allowing for smooth air separation.

The speed of the flotation of the flotation unit in the shallow flotation unit is either up to or near the theoretical speed, which will, to a certain extent, greatly improve the efficiency of the treatment, which will render the wastewater in the Shallow air floatation device Of the residence time of the traditional 30 ~ 60 min reduced to 3 min, and set condensation, skimming, drainage, sludge as a whole, is a highly efficient wastewater treatment device.

The whole of the Shallow air floatation device will effectively show its cylindrical shape, the whole equipment is compact and the pond is shallow. The main body of the device is composed of five parts, its tank body, rotating water distribution mechanism, Institutions, water collection agencies and so on.

The inlet, outlet and scum discharge of the shallow air floatation device are all concentrated in the central area of the tank body. The water distribution mechanism, the water collecting mechanism and the dissolved gas release mechanism are closely connected with the frame and rotate around the center of the tank body. The device provides complete sets of equipment assembly and control system, through centralized control and decentralized control to achieve the best operation of the equipment.

Shallow air floatation device after the dosing of sewage into the air mixed with the mixed area, and dissolved gas mixed with the release of contact, so that the flocs adhere to the fine bubbles, and then into the air floating area. Flocculation in the role of air buoyancy floating to the surface of the formation of scum, the lower reaches of the water flow through the water tank to the pool, part of the reflux for the use of dissolved gas, the remaining water through the overflow port outflow. Floating floats on the water surface of the accumulation of scum to a certain thickness, by the scraper machine scrapped into the air tanker sludge pond after discharge.

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