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Characteristics of Horizontal flow air flotation machine and Comparison with Aerator
- Jun 22, 2018 -

The advection type air floater, which is one of the air floaters, is also a common and commonly used type of air floater, and it also has many applications. Then, in order to use this air flotation machine correctly in practical work, and to obtain a good use effect and a good economic benefit, the following description will be given to achieve the purpose.


1. Application range of Horizontal flow air flotation machine

The advection type air flotation machine in the flotation machine is applicable to industries such as papermaking, chemicals, beverages, printing and dyeing, oil refining, electroplating, food, textile, leather and dairy products. In addition, it can also be used in municipal applications. Engineering. The specific use of this type of air flotation machine is for the separation of suspended solids, separation and purification of oil and water, flocculation of flocculation reaction, and classification of activated sludge.


2. Features of Advection Air Floater


(1) It has a strong processing capability, and therefore has a high work efficiency but a small footprint. The treatment process is simple and easy to operate. In addition, it is easy to maintain.

(2) The flotation machine can avoid the problem of sludge swelling during the treatment process.

(3) The surfactant and odor in the water can be removed while aerating the water. In addition, dissolved oxygen in water is increased, providing favorable conditions for subsequent processing.

(4) It can remove the oil, jelly and suspended particles in the water, and at the same time, reduce the pollutant load of COD, BOD, SS, etc. in the sewage and change the color of the water.


3. Why is a counterflow flotation machine usable in wastewater treatment?

The advection type air flotation machine adopts the principle of air flotation, and air flotation is the formation of highly dispersed micro air bubbles in water and adheres to solid or liquid particles, thereby forming a water-gas-particle three-phase mixed system. When there are bubbles on the granules, flocs will form and float to the surface of the water. The scum layer will be scraped off by the slag scraper to achieve solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation. Therefore, this kind of air flotation machine can be used in the treatment of water supply, industrial waste water and municipal sewage.


4. Comparison of Advection Air Flotation and Aerator

The Horizontal flow air flotation machine, which is one of the air flotation machines, and the air flotation machine and the aeration machine, they are very different, mainly in the required pressure and capacity. Because the pressure required for the air floater is greater than that of the aerator, it is smaller in capacity than the aerator. The advection type air floater is also the same conclusion.