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Center Drive Sludge Scraper Features and Applications
- Mar 31, 2018 -

During the operation, the center drive sludge scraper scrapes the mud at the bottom of the tank. The drive of the entire equipment is driven by a reduction drive mechanism. The structure of the entire device is compact and the mechanical efficiency is high. The slanted scraping mud of the center transmission scraper is provided. The board has good continuity and high mud collection efficiency. The mud scraper rubber plate is installed under the stainless steel scraper to ensure that the scraping mud is completely clean and there is no floating mud phenomenon.

The main beam of the center drive sludge scraper will be made of square steel, and the structural strength of the entire equipment is high. After the operation, hot galvanizing is used to spray the topcoat and the corrosion resistance is strong. The main beam can also be directly casted with concrete, which saves investment. The center drive scraper is simple to operate and can be remotely controlled.

How does the center drive sludge scraper work?

The center drive scraper can effectively pass the drive of its deceleration drive and suspension assembly to a certain extent. During use, the scraper scrapes the sludge into the center sludge collection tank and relies on the hydrostatic pressure or the pump to discharge it out of the pool. The use of intermediate water and mud discharge, drainage around to ensure uniform water flow. The use of liquid level difference self-priming sludge, scum scraping exclusion device and overload protection device.

Center Drive Scraper Features

1. The transmission part adopts electrical and mechanical double overload protection, and the operation is more safe and reliable.

2. The underwater part is made of stainless steel, which has a long service life. The main structure

Application of the center drive scraper

The center drive scraper can be widely used in sewage treatment projects in cities, chemical industry, textile, metallurgy and other industries. Its reasonable structure, high efficiency, convenient operation and maintenance, is an ideal sewage treatment facilities.