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Center Drive Sludge Scraper
- Aug 01, 2017 -

The center drive sludge scraper is very suitable for use in the process of water supply and drainage works in the water plant or sewage treatment plant diameter under normal circumstances is not greater than 18m of the radiating sedimentation tank sludge scraping and elimination, the center drive sludge scraper is mainly through the hanging components and slow drive drive.

Centrifugal scraper in the operation will be directly from the scraper of the sludge will be scraped to the center set of mud tank, in use, effectively rely on its hydrostatic pressure or pump effectively discharged from the pool, the device effectively use its intermediate Water and mud and the surrounding drainage, to ensure uniform water flow.

The drive part of the center drive scraper will effectively use its electrical and mechanical double overload protection, which will make the operation of the equipment more secure and reliable, the underwater part of the equipment is made of stainless steel, the entire equipment corrosion and long lasting.

The center drive sludge scraper is mainly composed of main components such as main shaft, railings, steel beams, rods, small scraper, overflow weir plate, underwater bearing, steady flow tube and so on. The equipment can be widely used in cities, Chemical, textile, metallurgical and other industries in the sewage treatment works.

Center drive sludge scraper structure is reasonable and the use of high efficiency, the operation of the entire equipment and maintenance are very convenient, this is an ideal sewage treatment works supporting facilities.

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