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Cavitation air flotation machine related knowledge
- Nov 11, 2017 -

Cavitation air flotation machine is a relatively good sewage treatment technology, the design is more reasonable, it is also very easy to operate, when the operation is more economical, cavitation flotation machine directly from the air to the bubble, this is the point In fact, we actually need to pay attention to that it removes a series of impurities such as suspended solids, grease or jelly from the wastewater.

Next, referring to the air flotation machine, it is actually the "microbubbles" will be injected directly into the sewage without the need to dissolve in advance, then we actually have to pay attention to the flotation machine itself In fact, it is actually through the diffuser impeller directly put the "micro-bubble" evenly distributed in the sewage which, in view of this, the entire operation will not occur blocking phenomenon.

Cavitation flotation machine is mainly composed of box, aerator and scraping system and other components, in terms of its point of view, to a large extent, in fact, it does not require the use of pressure dissolved gas, air compressor Circulation pumps and other equipment.

Next, on the air flotation machine untreated sewage, first of all it is going into the aeration zone, and microbubbles fully mixed, micro-bubbles in the process of rising, that is, the solid suspended solids Brought to the surface of the water, the scraper running along the surface of the liquid scraped the suspended metal plate above, and then push it into the sludge discharge pipe slot through the sludge discharge pipe into the sludge collector, scraping mud Machine power is only 0.5KW.

Lastly, when the cavitation air flotation machine is in operation, it will pass through the overflow tank below the swashplate before it is decontaminated and the overflow tank itself will be used to control the upper surface of the flotation tank Of the water level to ensure that the liquid in the tank will not flow into the sludge discharge pipe. The open throat pipe will extend from the aeration section along the bottom of the flotation tank.