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Cavitation air flotation machine advantages
- Mar 06, 2018 -

Cavitation air flotation machine in the process of operation is an excellent sewage treatment equipment, the entire equipment in the design process is very reasonable and easy to operate, cavitation air flotation machine is mainly generated by the air bubbles, so that It can effectively remove solid suspended solids, jelly, oil and other impurities directly from the waste water.

Cavitation air flotation machine flotation technology has the advantage

1. To avoid the dissolved air flotation frequent blockage phenomenon.

2. Automatic return pipe of the unique design, so sludge is not easy deposition in the flotation bottom.

3. Movement and maintenance of the few components, the operation is very simple.

4. Equipment integrity, easy installation, saving 40% -60% of the area.

5. The system in a simple and special way to the air in the form of tiny bubbles distributed to the water, unlike dissolved air flotation need air compressor, pressure dissolved gas tank, dissolved air release and high pressure pump.

6. Low operating costs.

In the process of operation, the generally untreated sewage will first enter the aeration zone, so that it will be fully mixed directly with the microbubbles. In the process of ascent, the microbubbles will effectively be The solid suspended matter is brought to the surface of the water. The scraper drives along the liquid surface and scrapes the suspended material onto the inclined metal plate. The sludge is then pushed into the sludge discharge pipe and flows into the sludge collector through the sludge discharge pipe.

Swirling flotation machine effluent in the purge before the discharge will be effective after the ramp below the overflow tank, when used in its overflow tank is mainly used to control the flotation tank water level, so that you can to some extent Ensure that the liquid in the tank does not flow into the sludge discharge pipe. The open throat pipe extends from the aeration section along the bottom of the flotation tank. While generating microbubbles, the vortex aerator creates a negative pressure zone at the bottom of the return pipe. This negative pressure causes the wastewater to flow back to the aeration zone from the bottom of the pond and back to the flotation zone.