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Cavitation air flotation aerator structure and performance
- Jan 09, 2018 -

At present, cavitation air flotation aerator has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, food and other fields, and it can be mainly used to remove all kinds of suspended solids and COD contained in sewage. Cavitation air flotation aerator can not only be used for industrial wastewater treatment, while urban sewage treatment also has a good effect.


1, the basic composition of aeolian aeration aerator: In the production and production process, the equipment is mainly selected Q235B carbon steel antistatic spray or 304/316 / 316L stainless steel material processing. One of the main structural components include: motor, motor base, the installation side plate, coupling, the central suction drive shaft, fixed rotating bearings, the outer cylinder of the aerator, oil seal, mechanical seal, aeration impeller.


2, Cavitation air flotation aerator operation, the bubble is how to form? Driven by the high speed motor, the aeration impeller works at the bottom of the water. When the hand is subjected to high-speed rotation and agitation, the water flow will generate a certain negative pressure, and then the air will be sucked into the bottom of the water through the suction hole of the central rotating shaft. Therefore, the aeration impeller rotates at high speed in the water while cutting the air brought into the bottom of the water into fine bubbles.


3, vortex aeration aerator the main advantages of what? First of all, under normal working conditions, the device can handle a large amount of sewage, and the microbubble rises rapidly, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. Second, in the process of sewage treatment, low power consumption, low noise, long service life and easy maintenance.


For users, when using aeration aerator, according to the actual amount of sewage to be treated, and choose to use one or more devices, more flexible and convenient. In addition, in a timely manner is a single operation, the aeration aerator still has greater processing capacity, and does not require additional configuration of air compressors and dissolved gas tank.