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Cavitation Air Flotation Aerator Advantage
- Apr 21, 2018 -

The cavitation air flotation aerator has a good use effect. Compared with other similar equipment, this machine has obvious advantages in many aspects. In practical applications, the high-speed rotating aeration impeller rotates at a speed of 3500 revolutions per minute. After the gas enters the liquid from the impeller, it is cut into two bubbles, and repeated cutting is repeated at a high speed to form extremely tiny bubbles, resulting in an air flotation effect.


So, what kind of advantages does cavitation air flotation aerator have? First of all, during the use of this device, “microbubbles” can be directly injected into untreated sewage. Under the combined action of coagulants and flocculants, suspended solids undergo physical flocculation and chemical flocculation to form large suspensions. The floc, under the flotation of the bubble group, floats on the liquid surface to form scum, which is separated from the water by a slag scraper.


In this process, there is no need to clean the nozzle, and there is no fear of blocking, and the operating efficiency is greatly improved. Secondly, the vortex air flotation aerator is mainly composed of a submersible pump, an ejector, a diffuser, an aspiration pipe and a hose. It integrates the advanced dispersion technology on the basis of the traditional jet flow mechanism and adopts jet exposure. Qi way.


Therefore, during the operation of the cavitation air flotation aerator, the residence time of the microbubbles in the water can be greatly increased, reaching more than 30 seconds, so that the oxygen in the air is fully dissolved and absorbed, and the oxygen transfer efficiency and oxygenation ability are improved. Moreover, it can generate high negative pressure and strong turbulence, agitation, shearing in muddy water and air in the ejector, so that the oxygen molecules can be better transferred from the gas phase to the liquid phase.


In addition, the entire system design of the cavitation air flotation aerator is simple and reliable, so no clogging problem will occur during application. The vortex air aeration aerator can arbitrarily adjust the air volume according to the characteristics of the aeration tank structure, the amount of water to be treated, and the change in the water quality index, and can flexibly select the installation position, arrangement method, spray angle, and diving depth.