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CAF cavitation air flotation system casting and management requirements
- Nov 03, 2018 -

The investment is saved, the energy consumption is low, and the slag is automatically discharged without noise. The operation and management are convenient when operating. To some extent, it is necessary to remove most of the insoluble COD in the sewage and the SS that can float (the specific gravity is less than water) and can SS that sinks (specific gravity is greater than water). The CAF cavitation air flotation can remove the oil, gelatin and fiber suspension in the sewage to a certain extent, which reduces the BOD, COD, SS and other sewage discharge loads to a certain extent, and can significantly improve the color of the water.

CAF cavitation air flotation does not have pressure vessels, air compressors, circulating pumps and other equipment, so equipment investment is small. The equipment covers a small area and reduces civil construction investment. The vortex air flotation (CAF) system is very easy to operate and there are no complicated equipment at all, so manual operation and maintenance work is minimal, reducing labor and maintenance costs.

The CAF vortex air float is very easy to carry out in the process of operation. Without complicated equipment, the whole system is mainly composed of two mechanical parts, unlike the dissolved air flotation (DAF) system including the pressure vessel and the air compressor. , circulating pumps and many other necessary equipment.