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Buried sewage treatment equipment main features
- Dec 28, 2017 -

Some friends are more curious, what kind of equipment is buried sewage treatment equipment. In fact, we can think of it as a modular high-efficiency wastewater biological treatment system that uses biological membranes as the purifying theme. In other words, buried sewage treatment equipment can give full play to the anaerobic biofilter, contact oxidation bed and other biofilm reactor has many advantages.


In practice, the main advantages of buried sewage treatment equipment can be summarized as: the handling capacity, good effect, low power consumption, stable operation and easy maintenance. This is also the main reason why it can be applied, but also means that it has broad prospects for development and promotion. One of the more widely used equipment is a buried integrated sewage treatment equipment, the device is based on A / O biochemical technology, while the collection of biodegradable sewage sedimentation and oxidation disinfection and other processes.


The main features of buried sewage treatment equipment can be summarized as follows: The first of the device to maintain effluent standards, due to the time of installation is buried in the ground, so users can also make full use of the space above the ground. Secondly, the device can maintain a stable working status during use, and generally does not need to arrange for special care.


More importantly, buried sewage treatment equipment has almost no adverse effects on the surrounding environment, resulting in a small amount of sludge and low noise. Users can be arranged according to the actual situation, but also can be based on the needs of the special layout of the terrain, the operation is more convenient.


Finally, we come to understand about the main application of buried sewage treatment equipment: Currently in many hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals and other occasions has been widely used. In addition, buried sewage treatment equipment can also be used in residential areas, railway stations, airports, seaports, ships and other venues, the environment requires a higher place.