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Buried sewage treatment equipment application examples and materials and use of advantages
- May 15, 2018 -

Buried sewage treatment equipment, which is a kind of sewage treatment equipment, is used for sewage treatment work, and it is also a common and commonly used equipment for sewage treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize with and understand it. In order to achieve the proper use and reasonable use of the equipment, and then to ensure that the sewage treatment effect should be achieved, and to make the best use of the equipment.


1. What is the development trend of buried sewage treatment equipment?

Buried sewage treatment equipment can be said to be an efficient sewage biological treatment equipment and can be modularized. From a professional point of view, it is a sewage biological treatment system that uses biofilm as the main body of purification, because it uses anaerobic biological filter, contact oxidation bed, etc., which has a simple to use, stable operation, easy maintenance and power. These advantages, such as low consumption, have broad application prospects and good use value.


2. Application of buried sewage treatment equipment

Specific application 1: residents living quarters, villas and office buildings;

Specific applications 2: hotels, restaurants, bath centers;

Specific applications 3: small and medium-sized factories, small and medium-sized medical institutions, hospitals;

Specific application 4: stations, airports, docks and commercial districts;

Specific application 5: schools, institutions and tourist attractions;

Specific application 6: Some other sites with high requirements for site and environment.


3. Applicable conditions and advantages of use of buried sewage treatment equipment

Under what circumstances can use buried sewage treatment equipment? The correct answer to this question is:

When the water requirement is small, the pollutant concentration is small or the composition is simple, and the site is limited or needs to consider the surrounding landscaping, the buried sewage treatment equipment can be used.


The advantages of the use of buried sewage treatment equipment are as follows:

(1) The sewage treatment equipment can be buried under the ground, so it can be greened on the land to beautify the environment. Moreover, it generally does not require special management.

(2) Because it is buried under the surface, it can effectively reduce the floor area. Parking facilities can be built above the equipment to increase the utilization rate of the site.

(3) It has no any pollution to the surrounding environment in use, and it has low noise, good sewage treatment effect and long service life. In terms of layout, it can be arranged according to the standard, or it can be arranged according to the terrain.


4. Available materials for buried sewage treatment equipment

Buried sewage treatment equipment, the available materials are generally carbon steel and glass steel. Therefore, when we purchase, we should have a clear understanding of product materials and manufacturing processes, and make judgments and determinations based on actual conditions and application requirements so that we can select the right product and avoid mistakes.