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Bridge Suction Machine Working Principles and Technical Parameters and How to Buy
- May 22, 2018 -

Bridge suction machine, which is a kind of suction machine, and in its specific type, there is a full-bridge suction machine. Therefore, it is possible to familiarize yourself with and understand the suction dredge of the bridge suction dredge, and to learn how to use the equipment properly through the learning of its professional knowledge and timely mastering. Furthermore, there is a good use effect in the use of equipment. And economic benefits.


1. Is there any relationship between the bridge suction dredge, the full bridge suction dredge, and the peripheral transmission scraper suction dredge?

Bridge Suction Suction Machines and Full Bridge Suction Suction Machines, both of which belong to Suction Suction Machines, are all in the category of suction dredges. Moreover, they are subordinate to each other, that is, the bridge suction dredger includes a full-bridge suction dredge. The bridge suction dredge and the peripheral drive scraper suction dredge, which are two different equipment, the former is a suction dredge, and the latter is a suction dredge. Functionally, the scraper suction machine includes a suction dredge.


2. Is it possible to purchase a bridge suction dredge on the industry website?

It is possible to purchase a bridge suction dredge on the industry website, and this is one of the ways to purchase the product, which is very convenient and fast. However, before users purchase this product, they need to know the specific information of some bridge suction dredges before they can do this work. The information it needs to know is the price of the bridge suction dredge, the photo of the bridge suction dredge, and its manufacturers, after-sales service, and price quotes.


3. Drove type suction dredge, which is a bridge suction dredge machine?

Driving suction machine, from a professional point of view, it can also be called bridge suction machine, so it is a bridge suction machine, and can be used in the water supply project in advection sedimentation tanks and sewage treatment works In the meantime, it is used as a dedicated sludge-removal equipment, and at the same time, these problems such as difficulty in mud scraping are well solved.


4. Working principle and main technical parameters of bridge suction dredge

The working principle of the bridge suction dredge, specifically, the specifics thereof are as follows: The mud dredging work is performed by utilizing the liquid level difference in the sedimentation tank and the mud drain tank. In addition, the mud can be sucked while walking, and the number of rows of mud to be discharged can be determined according to the size of the mud, thereby achieving the purpose of high-efficiency mud discharge.


The main technical parameters of the bridge suction dredge are: the width of the tank, the dredge of the suction dredge, the width of the working bridge, the driving speed, the driving power, the pump suction sludge discharge capacity and the pump suction suction pump power. The unit of tank width, mud suction wheel track, and work bridge width are meters. The speed unit is m/min. The driving power and pump suction suction pump power are in kilowatts. The pump suction sludge The unit of measure is m3/h.