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Baghouse dust collector operation process and inspection requirements
- Oct 25, 2018 -

The bag filter can be effectively divided into trial operation and daily operation during the operation process. During the test operation, the single component of the system must be inspected, then adaptively operated, and some performance is required. test. In daily operation, the necessary inspections should still be carried out, especially the inspection of the performance of the bag filter. Pay attention to the impact of changes in the load on the host equipment on the performance of the precipitator. After the machine is started, pay close attention to the working condition of the bag filter and make relevant records.

Checking requirements for test operation of baghouse dust collector

1. Fan rotation direction, speed, bearing vibration and temperature.

2. Handle air volume and pressure and temperature at each test point to match the design.

3. The installation condition of the filter bag, whether it is dropped, loose, worn or the like after use, can be judged by visually measuring the discharge of the chimney after being put into operation.

4. Pay attention to whether the condensation in the bag room exists and whether the ash discharge system is unblocked. Prevent clogging and corrosion from occurring

When the ash accumulation is serious, it will affect the production of the host.

5. Adjustment of the cleaning cycle and cleaning time. This work is an important factor in the performance of the dust collection and operation. If the cleaning time is too long, the dust layer will be removed and become a cause of leakage and breakage of the filter bag.