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Bag dust collector test run and cleaning cycle
- Apr 12, 2018 -

The bag filter can be effectively divided into daily operation and test run in the process of running. In the process of test run, a single part of the system must be inspected, and then adaptive operation is performed, and part performance test is to be performed. In the daily operation, the necessary inspections should be carried out, especially the performance of the bag filter.

Bag dust collector test run

1. The direction of rotation of the fan, speed, bearing vibration and temperature.

2. The processing air volume and the pressure and temperature of each test point are in accordance with the design.

During the process of installing the filter bag of the bag filter, whether the bag is dropped, loosened, or worn out after use is determined, and the emission of the chimney can be judged visually after being put into operation. Pay attention to the presence of dew condensation in the bag room and whether the ash discharge system is unblocked. Prevents blockages and corrosion from occurring. Accumulation of dust can affect the production of the mainframe.

The cleaning cycle of the bag filter and the adjustment of the cleaning time are important factors in the dust capture performance and the operating conditions. The cleaning time is too long. This will directly make the attached dust layer clear. , It becomes the cause of leakage and damage of the filter bag. If the cleaning time is too short, the dust on the filter bag will not be cleared, and the filter operation will resume. This will allow the resistance to recover quickly and gradually increase, eventually affecting its use.

The interval between two cleanings of the bag filter is called the cleaning cycle. Under normal circumstances, it is hoped that the cleaning cycle will be as long as possible to a certain extent, so that the precipitator can operate under economical resistance conditions. Therefore, we must carefully study the nature of dust, dust concentration, etc., and according to different cleaning methods to determine the cleaning cycle and time, and in the test run to adjust to achieve better cleaning parameters.