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Application of scraping suction machine in fertilizer plant
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Fertilizer plants emit large amounts of wastewater in their daily production, and they also contain more sludge. Therefore, sewage treatment equipment and sludge treatment equipment are required. The scraper suction machine is a commonly used sludge treatment equipment, which has a large processing capacity and can save floor space.


The main features of the scraper:

1. In the actual processing operation, the equipment can simultaneously complete the processing of scraping mud, suctioning mud and scraping dross, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also saves about 50% of electricity compared with equipment of the same specification;

2. The concentration of activated sludge that is simultaneously scraped, sucked, and scraped is high, and the sludge discharge effect is good;

3. The scraper type suction port has simple structure, is not easy to block, and is safe and reliable in operation and convenient in maintenance;

4, daily management is simple, easy to achieve automatic control.


The process of scraping the suction machine:

After the sewage flows into the sedimentation tank, it will diffuse and precipitate to the surrounding. The clean water mainly flows out through the overflow of the pool. The suction pipe of the scraper is discharged into the set by the water level difference according to the principle of the connected water. The mud trough enters the central mud tank through the siphon tube and is discharged by the mud discharge pipe. At the same time, the dross in the pool is scraped to the discharge slag bucket and discharged outside the pool under the operation of the logarithmic spiral slag slag device.