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Application areas and main features of urban sewage treatment equipment
- Nov 10, 2018 -

In the process of operation, urban sewage treatment equipment is an industrial equipment that can effectively treat domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, etc. in the urban area, avoiding the direct flow of sewage and pollutants into the industrial equipment such as water and industrial waste, and avoiding sewage. And the direct flow of pollutants into the waters is of great significance for improving the ecological environment, improving the city's taste and promoting economic development.

Urban sewage treatment equipment is particularly suitable for domestic sewage, such as residential quarters, hospital sanatoriums, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, institutions, schools, military units, aquatic processing plants, livestock processing plants, dairy processing plants, and the like. Industrial organic wastewater, such as organic sewage treatment in textile, beer, paper, leather, food, chemical and other industries, the main purpose is to treat domestic wastewater, similar to industrial organic wastewater, to achieve reuse water quality requirements, so that wastewater treatment After resource utilization.

Main features of urban sewage treatment equipment

1, can be buried under the surface

2, fully automatic control, no need for personnel management

3, no sludge backflow

4, easy to operate, easy to maintain

5, low noise, no smell

6, long service life