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Application and structure of shallow flotation device and its working process
- Sep 16, 2017 -

1. Application of shallow flotation device

Shallow flotation device, its specific application, is in the water purification, as well as the domestic sewage and industrial wastewater pretreatment and depth treatment. Therefore, it is in the petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, paper, leather and food industries, is widely used. In addition, it can also be used in seawater desalination and recovery of useful substances in sewage.

2. The structure of the shallow flotation device

Shallow flotation device, which in the composition, mainly there are pool body, rotating cloth water body, dissolved gas release mechanism, frame mechanism and water collection mechanism of the five. The inlet, outlet and scum discharge of the unit are in the tank body, and the cloth water, catchment and dissolved gas release mechanism are closely connected with the frame.

3. Workflow of shallow flotation device

Shallow flotation device, its working process, or is the work step, is:

Step one: the sewage through the trench, etc., flow to the pool, at the same time, is the water quality and water balance.

Step 2: Use the sewage lift pump to raise the sewage to the flotation tank.

Step 3: PAC and PAM are added to the inlet in the shallow air flotation unit and mixed thoroughly at the bottom of the flotation tank and then released and mixed with the effluent to treat the effluent.

Step four: the water distribution system, so that the waste water into the air float pool, again for processing, mainly solid-liquid separation.

Step 5: In the shallow air float, the scum is skimmed with skimmer, and then it is concentrated in the dross pool. And water, it is self-flow to the pool.

Step 6: scum dross in the pool, after the sludge dewatering system treatment, the filtrate is to the pool, dehydrated after the dry mud, it is a comprehensive treatment.

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