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Advection Dissolved Air Flotation Machine
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Before the first use of advection dissolved air flotation machine, we all know what is the preparation work? Xiaobian followed by the following to understand it

1, The pump and air compressor and other parts need to lubricate the lubrication.

2, Press the truss car scraping machine switch. After running to the rear of the trip in the block under the action, scrape the machine surface reverse walk until the sludge tank, stroke hit the block will be turned up, press the stop button to stop scratching.

3, Adjust the dosing device to the best condition, making the sewage and suspended solids separation.

4, To promptly clean all the impurities in the pool, welding slag.

5, Turn on the power, start the dissolved air pump, check whether the direction of the arrow with the same direction. With manual control to start the air compressor, check the air compressor operation is normal, found abnormal situation should promptly check the cause.

advection dissolved air flotation machine

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