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Advantages of using wastewater treatment cavitation aerator and air floatation effect
- Jan 05, 2019 -

Thewastewater treatment cavitation aerator does not cause clogging during the operation, and the whole product has low noise, high efficiency, energy saving, easy operation and easy maintenance and disassembly. Thewastewater treatment cavitation aerator is composed of an electric motor, a fuselage, a transmission shaft, a mechanical seal, an impeller, and the like.

Thewastewater treatment cavitation aerator is an electric motor that effectively drives the transmission shaft to rotate through its coupling. When the operation is performed, the impeller is driven to rotate counterclockwise, so that the impeller rotates while conveying the upper air into the water and generating fineness. The bubbles are driven by small and numerous bubbles to the fine fibers in the sewage, floating to the surface of the water, and then collected by the sewage scraper into the sludge tank by the scraper and discharged through the pipeline.

The aeration efficiency of thewastewater treatment cavitation aerator is directly related to the air flotation effect of the air flotation machine. A complete set of air flotation equipment should include several basic units such as air flotation tank, aeration equipment (aerator), scraping equipment, and slag removal equipment. The floatation tank can be made of steel or concrete.