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Advantages of Cavitation Aerator Machine and Sludge Discharge System
- Mar 29, 2018 -

In the process of operation, the cavitation aerator machine is an aeration device for treating sewage. In the process of operation, it is mainly installed in the aeration chamber. The vortex concave aerator uses the high-speed rotation of the bottom diffuser impeller. A vacuum zone will be formed in the water. The air on the liquid surface will enter the water through the aerator, and the microbubbles will be generated. It will spirally rise to the water under the strong stirring of the impeller.

When the cavitation aerator machine is in operation, its sewage will be directly mixed with the microbubbles produced by the aerator during operation. The coagulant and flocculant are added before the aerator, and the equipment is used in the coagulant and flocculant. Under the joint action, the stability of the colloidal particles in the sewage is destroyed to a certain extent, so that the colloids are brought into contact with each other, and physical flocculation and chemical flocculation occur to form flocs.

The cavitation aerator machine effectively uses the vortex-concave vortex of its aeration chamber and dense organic bubbles to form an organic combination, to a certain extent, as its 'floc' rises inside the aeration chamber and forms a larger one. Floc. The floc is separated from the water, solids and liquids and enriched on the surface of the water. Under the impetus of the water flow, the sludge is propelled along the liquid surface to the sludge discharge system.

The position of the outlet pipe of the aerator and aerator will be slightly higher than the bottom of the pool, and the scraper and the mud collection tank will be set in the water surface of the equipment. The main reason is that the particles with air bubbles float quickly. Therefore, the volume of the flotation tank is small, and the residence time of the water flow is only ten minutes. Different air flotation tanks have different effects, mainly depending on the air-floatation system and the release efficiency system. At present, the market distinguishes itself from the exterior, mainly divided into two types of air flotation tanks: circular air flotation tanks and rectangular air flotation tanks.