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Activated carbon filter tank price factor
- May 31, 2018 -

There are many factors that affect the price of activated carbon canisters. Therefore, we must comprehensively and comprehensively consider these factors in order to select suitable products and achieve good results and economy in product use. benefit. The relevant factors of the activated carbon filter tank price are mainly the product quality, origin, price quotation, after-sales service, and the manufacturer, which are indispensable important considerations.


Activated carbon in an activated carbon filter tank, which is an important filter element in the filtration apparatus, plays an important role in filtration. The selection of species should be determined by considering the quality of incoming water and treatment requirements. Moreover, the requirements for the use of this filter medium are good mechanical strength, fast adsorption speed, and large adsorption capacity. Otherwise, it cannot be called a good-quality activated carbon.


In addition, the activated carbon must be rinsed prior to use because it will produce fine powder, which, if not removed, can cause problems such as clogging of the filtration system. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse the activated carbon before use to ensure good filtration.


Activated carbon filter tank, which is a kind of filter tank, its filter medium is activated carbon, and it is a part of the bed. Therefore, it is filtered one by one according to the filtering depth to achieve coarse filtration. An activated carbon filter, which is one of the filters, and a filter, which can have different filter levels. Therefore, these are two different filter devices, which are different in terms of structure and performance.