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Activated carbon filter has good filtering effect and beautiful appearance
- Sep 20, 2018 -

The efficiency of the activated carbon filter is high. It can be connected continuously for 24 hours during operation. It does not need to be backwashed. The operating cost of the activated carbon filter is low. To some extent, there is no need for a high lift and large flow backwash pump. The maintenance cost is low, and there is no rotating part except the quartz sand filter material during the operation, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance cost is low.

The one-time investment of the activated carbon filter is low, and to some extent, it does not need a single coagulating tank, clarification tank and other facilities, and does not need backwashing pumps and electric and pneumatic valves, etc., with a small amount of engineering and one-time investment. The head loss is small: the single filter material and the filter material are clean and timely, the head loss is small, and the total head loss is ≤0.5m.

The water quality of the effluent of the activated carbon filter is quite stable and the filtering effect is good. The filter material is clean and timely, so that it can effectively ensure its high quality and stable effluent effect, and there is no periodic water quality fluctuation during operation. Easy to rebuild and expand: The unit operation mode can be flexibly increased or deleted according to the change of water volume, which is easy to be expanded and expanded.

The activated carbon filter occupies a small area and beautiful appearance. It integrates the traditional three-stage reclaimed water treatment process, saving about 70-80% of the land; the appearance is more beautiful and compact.