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High Efficient CAF Cavitation Air Flotation Device Aerator Machine For Wastewater Treatment

WOMA Environmental Protection Equipment has been focused on high efficient CAF cavitation air flotation device aerator machine for wastewater treatment for many years and we're known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Please be free to buy or wholesale the customized cavitation air flotation aerator made from our factory.

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If you are willing to buy high efficient CAF cavitation air flotation device aerator machine for wastewater treatment manufacturers and suppliers in China. WOMA Environmental Protection Equipment is always at your service. Welcome to import cavitation air flotation aerator from our factory. we also offer you the customized service.

Flotation Machine Type: CAF Cavitation Air Flotation Machine
Centrifuge Technology Use: Sedimentation
Centrifuge Installation: Vertical
Capacity: 5-500m3/H
Color: According to Customer′s Requirement
Trademark: WOMA
Method: Combined Treatment
Usage: Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital, Paper Industry
Tank Body Material: Carbon Corrosion
Caf Aerator Material: Stainless Steel
Transport Package: Plywood or Wooden Case
Certificate: ISO9001
Origin: Wuxi,China

High Efficient CAF Cavitation Air Flotation Device Aerator Machine For Wastewater Treatment

The cavitation aerator is a type of aeration equipment for sewage treatment. Installed in the aeration chamber, the aerator utilizes high-speed rotation of the air dispersing impeller at the bottom to generate a vacuum zone in the water; air above liquid surface enters the water through the aerator, and as a result, micro bubbles are generated, and float spirally up to the water surface under strong agitation of the impeller. 

The rising sewage is fully mixed with micro bubbles generated by the aerator. Under the combined action of coagulant and flocculant added in front of the aerator, colloidal particles in sewage are broken to promote mutual contact of colloid. As a result, flocs are formed by physical flocculation and chemical flocculation. By organic combination of cavitation flow in the aeration chamber and dense micro bubbles, larger flocs are formed with rising of “flocs” in the chamber. After solid-liquid separation, flocs come up to the water surface, and under the action of water flow, are pushed by the sludge scraper along liquid surface into the sludge discharge system.

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CAF cavitation air flotation aerator is manufactured by the advanced technology of USA. It is mainly made of motor, coupling, intake shaft, main shaft and impeller.
The CAF aerator is mainly used for high-rate aeration of flotation tank in water treatment for petrochemical, textile, paper mill, printing, beer, leather industries and forth.
Single or multiple sets can be selected depending on actual needs of aeration capacity, air compressor or dissolved air tank.
The removal rate of COD and BOD are more than 80% and SS is more than 90% respectively.

Product Features
1. Smaller area coverage
2. Aerator volume of single set is full and large
3. Non-dissolved air tank usage
4. The bubbles are smaller and dense
5. Lower power consumption
6. Lower noise
7. Easy operation and maintenance
8. Competitive price
9. Good quality
10. Stable performance

The application scope
Paper-making industry
Chemical industry
Printing and dyeing industry
Food industry
Refining and petrochemical industry

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